25 August, 2010

My Things today.

                        Ekstra optimistisk dag, når der er kage på bordet. mmm.......<3
Mmm, i love that now im glad..
Ej, det er sådan en god bog, jeg vil virkelig anbefale den til jer derude..
Ohh, this are a relly good book.
Jeg elsker mønstret på min computer, det er da for fedt.
I love my computer, nice...
Mit skrable-noget i skolen.
Jeg har ikke gjordt så meget ud af mit outfit idag, et par jeans og en dejlig varm trøje.
My simpel óutfit. Jeans & A sweater
Accerioss er meget vigtigt for mig.
Acceriois are importan for me.
Dejlige armbånd ..
Og fantastiske nye sko..
And Wonderfull new shoes, i love them .. <3

And i love Laura..

20 August, 2010


So tirred, i want to bed. But my dog is on the bed.
i don't right on the blog to' morrow.

se yax.
Have a good time to morrow, love yaa.

New room.




This weekend.

Have sold my shoes, the ones from h & m for my sister. so now I have some converse and is happy.

Life today has been super, I love my friend.
I'll do this weekend
In concert with laura, medina and more.
Being together with my sister before she goes to Nordborg, high scoohl.
I'm so excited, I have birthday soon and I have no idea what I want, maybe a camera?
- Next week I will try to find wish, for my mother persuaded to cut my bangs.
Learn more fixed readers on the blog here.
- I am missing some regular readers.

see yax..

2/06-2010 a'gow.

19 August, 2010

17 August, 2010

In school.

Beforer school:

In school:

My outfit...

Laura my beautifull friend.

Tanya buidor.


Today in my wonderfull life.
Learning deuhts .
And play whit my doog.
see movie, the vampire sucks stings!. -its not funny.
School, whit my freind, i love Laura.
see ya.