31 December, 2010

Whit swan

igår tog vi disse billeder, her er nogle af billederne, de andre er ikke færdige,
 men er egentlig meget stolt over det. 
- Er meget glad for mønsteret jeg har lavet i Laura's hoved. 

Model: Laura Graversen
Fotograf: Maria Dam Sørensen 

yesterday we made a photoshoot, here is some of the picture, the other is not done. I'm brought of the pattern on the face i done.

Model: Laura Graversen
Photograph: Maria Dam Sørensen

We hope you like it.  

25 December, 2010

Christmas gift

 Mirror - Grandmother
Cardigan - Bee Q Club 
 Apple . Ipod touch

 Loud - Rihanna
 Top - H&M
Grey Blazer - H&M

16 December, 2010

07 December, 2010

new shoes,

 They are not new, but i wanted you too see them
shoes from Bazar

Shoes from Vagabond


 cardigan from pieces 

 Postcard from H&M

 From mom 
Nöel = Christmas

sweater from H&M

Advent Gifts

1. advent

Shampoo from Syoss

2. advent

gloves from H&M

19 November, 2010

18 November, 2010

Goodbye grandmother!...

party dress! (From h&m)

910party_divided-1.jpgModel 1:                       Model 2:

dress: 249,-                Top: 199,-
hair clamp: 59,95,-    Jeans : 199,-


sick today. actually, i look forward roday becuase me & Laura should bake today, but thats must wait. my sister and mom are home, and they are noisy, so i can't sleep. Well, i'll go to bath, and take some clothes on. 

16 November, 2010

Car drivin'


15 November, 2010

Winter outfit

 Jacket from h&m Shoes from Converse, Hat & Scarf from h&m 
Black jeans from Vero moda, T-shirt from h&m, Bag from h&m

And more pictures
halskæde fra pieces.

i hope your like the picture's