14 September, 2011


30 follows, thanks!

Love you all

Photographing is my life!

Mere af mig og Maria's liv!

07 April, 2011

flyttet! Vigtig...

Hej alle mine og Maria's faste læser vi er flyttet til en ny blog ved navn peacefull tigerblood, vi er allerde rundet 20 faste læser der, så vis i vil hjælpe os med at runde 40-50 faste læser vil vi være meget taknemmelige for det!
Ha' en god dag :-)

Love Laura <3

27 March, 2011

det er helt sikkert MUUMS! 

new things!

 Shoes - H&M
 Ring - Gina tricot

 Eye lashes - The makeup store
Shoes - Asos

fox tail - H&M

16 March, 2011

New hair :-)

I've been to the hairdresser, and got bangs :-)
i really love it a it well suited to my head!
Not the best pictures but i tried
please, comment :-)

09 March, 2011

rock and roll!!

Sunglasses - H&M
shirt - Only
skirt - H&M
ring - H&M

Hot & Not :D

top or skirt?

06 March, 2011


New in..

 Sunglasses - H&M 39,95,-
 Ring - H&M 69,95,-

Shoes - Asos 150,-

15 February, 2011

Vintage ;-D

Love my new vintage jacket!

09 February, 2011

Top 5 to spring

Blue, Blue, Blue

Flower print

Leather coats
Denim with color

23 January, 2011

Party dress - weekday outfit

Weekend = Relax

Weekend for me mean relax. The first i do ween i come home from school friday afternoon is relax, relax, relax and more relax. I LOVE IT! In the weekdays i have soo much to do, i need to relax,
Relax is also really good for you, if you dont relax you can get many different diseases fx stress. You can relax ween you are on summerholiday or some other holidays, try it!