19 July, 2010

Today's life. (maria)

Hello readers.
I have nothing done today, the only thing I have done is to watch TV. and lie out in the sun and take sunscreen on. And drink extra water. It's been such a hot day. Sorry to all you out there, but the heat killing me. Is being tired of the heat.
Finally, I had made a day where I will be with one of my friends. Yasmin. I am glad we are down on the beach org! That will be just as cozy, but the bad is that my bikini top is extra ugly. What should I do?
Hmmm, Well. of course now comes the perfect idea ever, I take down the city before we must down to the beach and then I go into hogm there is always some blillige bikinis and beautiful, now I hope just is not that they are sold out, and it may unfortunately not cost more than DKK 100 has not more money. Now we have to see if it goes or's I still have to live with the ugly bikini top that day. But Enduring a problem is voted off, I can not afford both the bikini top and bikini pants. Now I still have to wait and see. :) I am glad at least until tomorrow. can not wait.

but must come down and watch a good movie now.

see yá :)

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